Going Down Swinging #42 is now open for submissions.

Before you submit to The Fake Edition, make sure you've read our guidelines below.

You can submit up to two pieces of work across all forms and genres.

Hit the button below to send us your work. You'll hear from us once we've evaluated all submissions. Find out what we like to publish here.


Send us your fakest work, pronto.

For our 42nd edition, we are inviting all imposters to send Going Down Swinging their fakest work. Poser writers are invited to embrace the contradictions of this bogus and unreal era. Time slows to a crawl or slips through fingers; familiar places become fantasy. The horizon remains convincingly flat and the moon is looking more and more like a big, bright Hollywood studio in the sky. As we emerge from our Second Lives, what do we bring up with us? The Fake Edition encourages writers to submit work that experiments with genre and form to bring their fabrications to life.

Theme is meant as inspiration, rather than rule – if you’ve got something earnest you think we’d like, we still want to see it.

Before submitting, please read the (fake, but enforceable) submission guidelines.

What to submit

  • All genres and all forms, including fiction, non-fiction, poetry, comics, plays, creative collabs and more. If we like it, we’ll find a way to publish it.
  • Prose pieces under 2,000 words are ideal, but we’ll read anything up to 4,000 words; similarly, poems up to 100 lines in length.
  • For written pieces, please use the .doc or .docx format, 12-point font and lines spaced at least 1.5 times.
  • You can submit up to two pieces across all categories, whether that's prose, poetry, comics or hybrid works.
  • Simultaneous submissions are welcome, of course. Just withdraw your piece if it gets picked up.

We pay writers and artists. Pay rate will be between $200-$300 per piece, subject to funding. 

To see what we’ve produced in recent times, consider purchasing a previous edition of Going Down Swinging. It’s good for you. It’s good for us. 

Submissions close 5pm AEST 4 July, 2021.

Going Down Swinging